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IceDrive-Online Cloud Storage-LTD


25 March, 2020

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What is IceDrive?

IceDrive is online cloud storage that can be used up to TB space to save all your files from your phone, PC, computer anywhere.
-If you are not sure understanding IceDrive, watch the video first.- 

IceDrive offers Web App, Android app, and iOS app for convenient access files. We can simply drag and drop the files to upload. 

If you want to share the files can do with right-clicking the file and enable it as a public mode. Or, you can send an email directly from the IceDrive dashboard to share with your clients. 

If you have photos and videos on your device can do a backup easily. All you need is click the Backup button from your device, and IceDrive will run until it uploads all files.

IceDrive is now offering a Lifetime deal to get up to 2TB online space. Don't waste your money on recurring payments. IceDrive deal will save tons of money if you love online storage.

GET ICEDRIVE-LTD before expires deal


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