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KN95 Face Masks


26 March, 2020

Face Mask, KN95

Are you looking for a face mask that can filter the virus for your breath? 

We had to find the masks can protect us, family, and friends. So, we used our connection that can provide us a higher level, 95 face masks. 

Before we share our experience and evidence essentials of the masks, you should know this.

N95 (USA made) = KF95 (S.Korea made) = KN95 (China made)

We can watch news that N95 masks are nowhere to find even in the hospitals. Or, resellers doubled or tripled up the prices and trying to sell them online. eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google all gathered to stop selling the masks now. So, it's more difficult for us to find the masks.

KF95 is the same since the Coronavirus hit S.Korea. Only 8 masks can be shipped internationally. 

A few weeks ago, our Chinese agent contacted us to send us masks for free. We didn't know Chinese gov't allows ship out the masks internationally. So, we started to find the masks factories that can provide us a certified 95 leveled, filtered masks. 

We immediately purchase some for our family and friends. And, we decided to provide the lowest price to our website users. 

We ship directly from China warehouse to your location, which will take about 6~9 days by UPS, USPS, or FedEx.

If you may find the cheaper one and has a good quality, get them as quickly as possible. We are not trying to sell these masks to you. We are trying to explain why the masks are important for this coronavirus pandemic. 

If you are in the USA or Europe, you may feel insecure by Asians wearing masks. Not only in China, but it's also worldwide Gov't announced that we must wear masks to protect us by someone who is coughing or sneezing from Coronavirus. 

Coronavirus symptoms are very similar to the flu. People have a high temperature, possibly heavy coughing, sneezing, and as if high-pressure chest, lung pain. 

This virus kills younger to elders. No matter what if you are 20s, this virus can kill any age. 

At this time, we don't have the right vaccine. 

In S.Korea tried to use many different treatments to against Coronavirus. Some patients told the Media that some treatments had side effects. He explained, "Feels alike burning chest." He is now survived from this craziness virus. 

One of the family members in S.Korea got a positive in Coronavirus because he was working in China and just came back to home.

He didn't have any symptoms, but wearing masks just in case if he spreads the virus to his wife and daughter.

He was positive to the Coronavirus, but not his family member.

In many cases, they learned that the masks could protect to spread of Coronavirus and possibly prevent it. 

Masks will not protect ourselves 100%. If you are gathering other infected people in a small, closed space such as an elevator can be infected easily. 

It's the best way to protect ourselves will staying home.

If you delivered foods from outside, use your oven to kill this virus. 

If you have any symptoms, wear masks even in your house. You don't want your babies, and families get sick by your coughs. 

When you are jogging outside, the mask can interrupt inhale. So, make sure not wearing the mask, but having at least 3~5m distance from other people. 

We don't know yet when this Coronavirus will go away.
We don't know yet when the vaccines can protect us by Coronavirus
We don't know yet when we can get some supplies to prevent ourselves by Coronavirus
We don't know yet when the masks would be available if Coronavirus become more explosive to the world.

Masks will be just one of the tools that can possibly protect us. 
We may not need the mask outside walking. 
But, we need them inside of the building for sure.

It's not weird; it's protecting us and others. 

You can check the mask price HERE. The price you will see is the bottom price that decides by mask factory.
The mask color will be a random because World needs the masks, so it's getting out of stock quicly.
If it's an emergency, we will send it any colors that available that day. 
If you want a specific color, please contact us after purchase. 

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