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31 March, 2020

Face Mask, Face Mask

KN95 face masks

DO YOU NEED YOUR MASKS? We found the factory provides the best price, ordering a minimum of 50 masks.

If you found the better quality and price, take those masks and wear them for your health and your family. We are not here to make sales. But, giving you the information and our price so that you have an idea what is the price of the KN95 today. 

Do we do the price match? 
The answer is Yes and No. If you buy bulk, we can request it to the factory. But, for 100 masks, the order may not be available for the discount. 

How did we find the factory?
We asked our Chinese friends and staff where they usually get their masks from. And, we picked one of them is providing the 95% filter rate masks at the lowest price for a small purchase.

Why your masks price is higher than others? 
These sellers may purchase bulk masks, more than 20,000 units per order, and stack them into their warehouse. 
We don't stack any masks into our warehouse. Our staff visits the factory and pick up anything available if we get any orders from our customers. 

Are N95 and KN95 the same? 
These are not the same. But a very similar standard. Both added 95, which means they have passed 95~99% blocking filter tests.

N95 (USA)
KN95 (China)
KF95 (S.Korea)  

Can you provide the N95 masks?
Unfortunately, no at this time. We highly encourage people to donate their original N95 masks to local hospitals. They need the USA FDA approved supplies. 

Is KN95 mask approved to the USA FDA?
No. It is a China-made mask. We got the test document from the factory, not a whole page; we have posted only the first page of the document for any fraud prevention.

If I order today, how long does it take?
Our staff will use Fedex the next day after they get the masks. We delivered masks to our friends' houses took about 5 days (USA address). 

And, when we ordered ours, used USPS took about 7 days (Maryland, USA)

Do you get any profits?
Honestly, we have to pay for the fast shipping, handling, our staff works, credit card fees from your order, and etc. that costs almost the price you are paying to us. Since we don't stack any masks to our warehouse will cost more.

Can you provide the KF95 masks?
Only max 8 KF95 masks can ship internationally from S.Korea. If you see the KF masks may illegal or fake ones. 

Since N95 masks are all sold out starting in February 2020, we had to find the masks for our family and friends who are working at the pharmacy and grocery stores that are a lot of people visiting. 
We are not trying to sell the masks, but if you need the masks that you can't find at any local store, you can check our page to compare.  
If you are curious to get the masks or not, please watch the news closely, not only the USA news but watching free YouTube videos to learn how other countries are handling the virus. 
Our listing will be up until the N95 masks are enough in the market. And, if the State or the gov't request stop selling any none FDA approved masks will delete immediately. 

Here is a link for Adult Size, KN95 Masks
Here is a link for Kids Size, KN95 Masks

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