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Create mobile app using your existing website in just 1 click and 1 minute.

The #1 Fastest and Easiest Mobile App Builder

Create mobile app using your exisitng website in just 1 click and 1 minute

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Using AllAppPress is as easy as 123

  • - Zero Technical Knowledge needed

  • - Zero Experience needed

  • - Zero Skill Set needed

  • - Zero Copywriting Skills needed

  • - Zero Effort needed

Build Appsfor all platforms in real time

AllAppPress helps you create apps for all platforms in real time instantly. You do not need expensive developers and months of time to develop an app. Just get it instantly and start using.


- Apps are more convenient for users & easier to navigate

- App monetization is better than the revenue of websites nowadays. Just think how huge Tinder, Snapchat and Uber are right now!

- Gives app owners lead over competitors in engagement

- If you’re doing business in any capacity, you need to have a mobile app

- The Mobile App Industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the world . . . can YOU afford to miss out?

- Mobile apps are estimated to reach $143 billion revenue with 267 billion app downloads over the next 2 years

- Stats show Mobile Users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% on websites - think about this, because it’s going to impact your business whether you like it or not. . .


  1. Very simple and easy to use
  2. Build native like custom apps
  3. Different templates to create visually appealing apps
  4. Variety of menu styles
  5. Number of styling options for creating beautiful apps
  6. Add unlimited pages


  1. Convert any existing website to app in just 1 click and 1 minute in real time
  2. Integrated Push Notifications
  3. Integrated Admob
  4. Ready to publish in app stores
  5. Fully compatible with app stores


  1. APP INSTALLATION USERS LIST ..You can see the list of users who have installed your App
  2. APP INSTALLATION STATS..You can see date wise report of App installations
  3. GROUPING OF APP USERS..You can create groups/list and organize the users into groups/lists
  4. SEND NOTIFICATIONS TO SELECTED USERS OR GROUPS..You can send notification to selected users and groups/list
  5. SORTING USERS..You can sort the users by location
  6. SCHEDULING NOTIFICATIONS..You can schedule notifications for group/list at any time you want
  7. SCHEDULE ALARM FOR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS..This is a unique one, you can even set up alarm for notifications
  8. SHARING NOTIFICATIONS..Notifications can be shared
  9. SENDING PICTURE..You can send picture as notification
  10. GEOFENCE..


  1. Admob works as a mediation platform, placing highly targeted ads inside your app.
  2. Using their refined targeting systems they automatically optimise ads for visitors, so that every ad delivered is tailored to that user… increasing your impressions, and of course… high paying clicks.


- You will get 30 credits to create iOS or Android Apps. 1 credit= 1 app

- You can regenerate app

- You will get Advanced Push Notification, Admob features

- Choose between iOS or Android app

- Your account and apps will deliver in 12-24 hours

- If you would like to add other features of AllAppPress, please purchase them from their official site (These are only optional)

- To publish your app to the Android and iOS markets are not included.