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Process Automation Bundle-Free eBook

Templates you need to fully automate your business practices for free


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Free templates you need to fully automate your business practices

- Access 100 high-quality, ready-made workflow templates built by the pros at Process Street

- Deploy the templates exactly as they come or customize them to suit your fancy

- Learn tips and tricks of the trade in business process management through 4 informative eBooks

- Best for: Managers who want to perfect the process of completing and automating recurring employee tasks

The Process Automation Master Content Bundle is a comprehensive suite of resources that simplify business processes and process management.

Working without proper process automation and management is like picking anyone besides Princess Peach in Mario Kart—it’s nonsensical.

Process Street helps keep recurring tasks and procedures fast, fun, and flawless for your workforce team.

The Process Automation Master Content Bundle has 100 templates and 4 eBooks that will guide you to the processes promised land.

Process Street’s content team hand-picked 100 of their most popular process templates to include in this value pack.

Each and every one of them was designed to help cut out the tedious and repetitive work that employees often fudge up or flat out forget to do.

Keep the templates just the way they are, or customize them to suit the specific needs of your company or industry. The choice is yours, young Padawan.

New to the world of process automation? No problem.

Process Street has you covered with 4 different eBooks that go over everything you need to get started on your path to enlightenment and increased productivity.

Two of these eBooks talk about business process management and automation, discussing in detail why automating many everyday business processes can save you time, money, and energy.

The other two eBooks explore the wonderful world of task management and how it helps to increase workplace productivity, as well as how consultants can use Process Street to both simplify and grow their business.


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