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AMP website builder / generator for Google

Swipe Pages Lifetime Deal


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A lot of website owners do not know how important website speed is. Faster speed, Google loves it. We wanted to bring this AMP website builder software lifetime deal for you to win the competitions.

With the deal, you will get:

  • Instant loading Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in minutes.
  • Use drag and drop, easy interface to build and publish your business online landing pages.
  • Use Stripe Checkout to sell goods.
  • Best for: Digital marketers and agencies who want to increase the ROI of ad campaigns with high-converting landing pages

Swipe Pages provides the best conversion 40 templates that are optimized, ready to use, customizable with a friendly interface. Moreover, you will get 20 advanced modules to create unique landing pages.
The best idea using the AMP website “Google” is to promote an offer to bring high traffic, losing no speed issue for any devices, especially mobile users.

Online marketers often use giveaway tactics to collect leads. Swipe Pages will allow you to easily create forms to capture leads and transfer them to your CRM or email marketing software.

If you need A/B testing to gain experiments on landing page performance can do it.
Once your users hit your website, Swipe Pages will use conversion tracking and analytics features to measure campaign performance and see the ROI in action.

If you are a website agent, you may interest in managing your company and client’s pages with the sub-accounts features. Swipe Pages provides role-based to your whole team.

Swipe Pages is not an ordinary drag-and-drop landing pages. 

It provides important SEO factor feature,
AMP website builder, which makes it amazing optimized, fast loading for all devices without writing any code.

Instead of a recurring payment, they offer a one time cost in a short time deal. If you need an AMP website generator, this is an great opportunity to try it and get some results.

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