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Best Quality Handmade Ho Mi - Korean Style Garden Hoe Weeding Hand Forged Steel Gardening Tool And String Knit Red Palm Latex Dipped Working Gloves



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Halloween is Coming! You can try our glove with your scary custom, Trick or treat!

Are you looking for the premium quality traditional handmade Hand Forged Steel Gardening Tool? You are at the right place.
Many experienced gardeners highly recommended, "Ho Mi [ Hommy ]."

"The blade is nicely shaped with sharp edges for digging. This tool cuts through clay soil like a hot knife through butter, with very little effort."
"My go-to tool for weeding, planting, and digging holes less than 8 inches deep."
"This is going to be your best weeding tool in the garden."

What is HOMI? 

Homi, known as a Korean hand plow is a short-handled traditional farming tool used by Koreans. It is a farming tool that removes grasses from paddies and fields. It is also used when plowing a rice field, planting seeds, plowing up soil, and digging potatoes in fields. It is a farming tool inspired by the hoe. Strong, yet light, it is hand forged from steel with a sturdy tang well fixed in the handle.
Homi comes with different sizes; please check our size to make sure it is suitable for your needs. 11.75x2.25x5.25 inch It is a perfect size and weight for women. Our bundle, 1 Homi 1 Pair Latex Dipped Working Glove will collaborate for your gardening. If you find any issue with our product, please contact our support team. We will do our best to provide the best quality product and customer service.


- Make sure to buy from us "iARTidea" when you check out. Other sellers' products may have different quality and warranty.
- Homi is not meant to be used for breaking the rocks. Of course, you can try, but the metal possibly would bent.
- Metal is a rough surface. Please make sure to put the glove on.
- We added a glove for protecting your hand as a gift.

  • Hoe Garden Tool Set called Hommy or Homi-Heavy Duty Korean Traditional Style Ho Mi, Hand Forged Steel Gardening Tool And 1 Pair Latex Dipped Working Glove
  • Very Sharp, So Be Careful - Best For Weeding,Planting,Moving Soil, Cutter, Remover,Stirrup,Puller,And Digging Holes. Can work as a Shovel
  • Sturdy, Lightweight, Good Design, Perfect Size For Women (11.75x2.25x5.25 inch)
  • Our Handcrafted Ho Mi Is Designed In Korea, Made By Metal And Wood Handle
  • Best Gardening, Holiday, Halloween Christmas Gifts For Mom, Dad, Women, Men, Uncle, Aunt, Grandpa, Grandma, Gardeners

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